The Internet @ The Loft

internetloft02I arrived at the Loft with my brother and a few friends around 8 PM, filled with excitement about the show. We met Ian at the door and walked into a lack luster crowd at the moment. “Okay, so this is what it’s like when you actually arrive before the show,” is what I mentioned to my brother.

The show opened up with Will May. He took control of the crowd for quite a while, but I must admit that during his performance I was way too busy drinking and mingling with friends that I wasn’t fully paying attention. I did thoroughly enjoy his initial performance… it played background music to the dynamic atmosphere as people started fill up the venue. The crowd was as diverse as the music selection. I was proud to know that Atlanta was appreciating a band like The Internet.

After Will May, Gwen Bunn surprised the crowd and completely engulfed my attention with her euphoric melodies. By the time she came on, I was backstage talking to a few members of The Internet, but in all honesty, could barely pay attention with her on stage. Between her voice and her lyrics, I was definitely captivated. Despite everyone’s desire to see the Internet, the crowd went silent for her as she sung “I Am Animal.” The combination of Will May and Gwen Bunn was a great set-up for The Internet.

At this point the alcohol was beginning to take effect and all I wanted was to see The Internet come on stage and blow me away.

Soon after, they did… and as their performance began, the crowd of eclectic individuals sang along with every word. I paid close attention to the crowd’s reaction because it consisted of young and old, white and black, and everything else in between. For a band with such a unique sound, I guess it should be expected to attract an equally unique fan base.

I swayed and sang along to “Dontcha” as Syd tha Kyd did her funky two step on stage. I guess that’s the most appealing part of watching a band like them live. You could clearly tell they’re enjoying themselves and vibing to their own music and of course the energies attract similar energies. Eventually, I got lost in the vibe their music created.

It was a great show indeed. They didn’t fill the room to capacity, but I feel as though they should have. I personally blame it on the fact that it was on a Wednesday rather than a weekend. Whatever reason it may be doesn’t matter. Everyone there got caught by the positive energy in the air that night. Everyone experienced the music they loved and enjoyed the vibe that the band presented. Isn’t that what a live show suppose to do? Isn’t that what we go to see? Of course it is.