What do you love?  Why do you love it?  And what are you willing to do to protect and maintain it?

Do you love life… freedom… peace of mind?  I wonder if the average person loves these things, because I encounter so much hate, slavery and chaos on a regular basis.  My solution to most things is love… it seems like that’s what is missing from most bad situations.  But when I share this thought, people get it fucked up because they associate love with romance and sex too often.  And I understand those connections… but I’m not talking about that kind of live.  I’m talking about that happy feeling that made Peter Pan flyer… that rush you get when you finish a difficult task… that joy you get when your favorite song plays on the radio.  It’s all love energy… and it’s the thing that makes life worth living.

My challenge to you… find the love.

Some food for thought ///

Thinking music /// Luna & Usher “Crush”

Final thought /// In my opinion, Stevie Wonder’s “These Three Words” has all the answers, you should listen to it… very soon.

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