The Tomorrow’s leadership team has deep experience in three key areas: (1) Influencers, on and offline, particularly within urban metropolitan social scenes , (2) digital media and (3) branded events and activations.  The Tomorrow’s core staff includes online strategists who speak at Influencer conferences, creative advisers for Fortune 500 companies, and event producers of some of the most talked about events of the past several years.

Leadership Team

Ian Ford | Brand Director

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” – Marianne Williamson

He’s young and he’s foolish, which is why pioneer and innovator Ian Ford continues to find unique ways to create, educate and have fun. Brooklyn is the city that birthed Ford and nurtured his independence and entrepreneurial spirit, however many of his strengths were developed in Atlanta.

As a freelancer and consultant specializing in grassroots, digital and new media branding, Ford has hewed a reputation as having one of the most fertile and brilliant imaginations in the business. Ford helps brands identify and connect with various subcultures through strategic planning, market research and creative branding. A self-described Creative Technologist and aspiring Brand Planner, Ford connects the dots at an expert level. His distinct skills as a brand marketer, lifestyle consultant and social media management beast help to bridge the gap between his past experiences and revolutionary thinking.

Ford is a big picture kind of guy. His views and visions have led him to take a dip in a pool of venturesome hobbies including day-dreaming, two-stepping, humming, eating clouds, as well as DJing, painting and graphic design.

Bem Joiner | Director of Cultural Innovations

Bem Joiner is a troublemaker. A passionate trailblazer who questions the status quo, he has long been a leader in both cultural innovation and its application to the advancement of hip-hop. Joiner, a proud Atlanta native, is always dreaming, revolutionizing and producing. Problems are mental stimulation and create positive energy for Joiner. He is a secret weapon for finding solutions and resolving issues that require swift action. As a result, he has managed and/or consulted on a number of Lifestyle/Cultural Immersion projects for a variety of clients including Sprite, Mississippi Dept. of Education,, National Black Arts Festival, Nissan, Jack Daniels, Vitamin Water and countless others. He also booked “early-adopter” shows for Drake, Kendrick Lamar and the Goodie Mob reunion. Joiner is also one of the founders of, which is a community service effort/collaboration between Atlanta and Stockholm creatives. Someone who intrinsically thinks ahead, Joiner is a mover, a shaker and affects profound change. He was named by Creative Loafing as one of the “20 People To Watch In 2015.” An advocate of disruptive media, Joiner continues to challenge the conventional market in an effort to create new business models.

Richard Dunn | Director of Operations

From newspapers and concert tickets to liquor and smoked fare, serial entrepreneur Richard Dunn is a modern day venture capitalist. Richard Dunn seems to have an insatiable hunger for starting new business ventures. Dunn wet his entrepreneurial appetite as a party promoter in high school, which continued while he was a student at Georgia Southern University. He worked with the SGA and coordinated campus activities including booking talent for concerts. After leaving school, Dunn entered the music industry by founding The Muddy Water Group, a creative services and artist management agency. Under Dunn’s leadership TMWG, an ode to his definite southern roots, has worked with a variety of chart-topping talent in genres from jazz and soul, to hip-hop and EDM. Dunn also to co-founded Groovement Inc., an artist management and event promotion company that anchored the Atlanta soul scene. Groovement served as a resident promotion arm for the Ying Yang Café, as well as the launching pad for the career of four-time Grammy winning vocalist India.Arie. In 2004, Dunn partnered with Michael McQuary (co-founder of Mindspring) to start Brash Music, a scrappy indie label with a catalogue that included Cold Play, PJ Morton, Aaron Shust and Anthony David. Two years later, Dunn entered the nightclub business where he was Managing Partner/General Manager of both Sugarhill and Club Motion located in Historic Underground. Dunn’s winning track record continues as a partner in the popular Atlanta restaurant Tom Dick and Hank.

Eric Freeman | Director of Sales & New Business


Yamileth Jamirillo | Special Projects Assistant & Scribe

With a foot in the proverbial door, Yami (#YAAAAMZ™) is ready to influence her generation and transform the world. The 26 year-old go-getter born in Panama and raised in Georgia, is climbing the entrepreneurial ladder with an inquisitive mind and a new perspective on organizational issues. Yami is somewhat of a late bloomer but an early adopter of the artistic culture who understands the canvas of life. Yami started working in the event promotion industry during her college years in Atlanta.  Her multicultural background (Panamanian and Columbian) and creative spirit has given her a unique voice in the marketing and promotion worlds.

She has joined the Tomorrows team as a “Junior Creative”. The Tomorrows have offered Yami a “key to the city” in exchange for her storytelling skills and innovative insights. The Tomorrows believe in empowering young talent to flourish, giving them the freedom to express themselves creatively while minimizing bureaucracy to foster growth. Check the Tomorrows’ blog regularly for Yami’s frequent conversations with Bem Joiner (BemTalks™) and recaps from dope events in Atlanta and around the south.