SXSW (Part 5)

Day 5: On the Road Again

I woke up as though my whole body was beaten in my sleep. Between my ankle being the size of my knee and my legs and back being sore, I was so ready to get home. In the midst of cleaning the house before leaving, I found my wallet, journal, and makeup bag. Isis and Chrissy gave me my ID’s. I wasn’t worried about asking questions about the previous day, I was just happy to have most of my things back.

Due to the complete sobriety that we began to feel, I was dreading to experience the ride back to Atlanta. I figured it would feel much longer because of this, but I was wrong. We talked most of the time. About life, love, our crazy ass families, my inebriated adventure throughout the Austin streets and all the fun I missed out of on Saturday. They were impressed with my optimism and my gung ho attitude despite everything that went wrong during the trip.

We also made a lot more stops along the way. Took the main highway thinking it would be quicker, but ran into a lot more traffic. It was cool. I didn’t really mind any of it because the conversation was interesting. Then, as I took the driver seat during the night shift (as expected), I enjoyed listening to Money Makin’ Nique’s sampler cd and enjoying my solitude as even Po fell asleep in the passenger seat.

It was overall a great experience. If anything I’ve learned that you can’t travel with just anyone and although I made cocktails with the lemons life gave me, I will never approach a first time at a new place with such blindness. I’m all for the random adventure, but you can’t be clueless in a new city either. That was just stressful when things got rough and out of my control. It’s all good though… next year the adventure shall be even better because only a moron would repeat the same mistakes.

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