SXSW (Part 4)

Day 4: Fun Shit to F#$% Shit

I woke that Saturday morning to a shot with Xavier. “We’re on vacation, so fuck it!” His logic made sense. We were determined to have a full day of debauchery. No hangover so I was winning from the start. The plan was simple; get drunk at Fader Fort and hit the Ballers Eve show and turn up with the rest of Atlanta later that night.


I lost my phone on our way to the festivities. Still can’t quite understand how that happened. I shrugged it off because I was DETERMINED not to worry about anything while having fun. Okay… so I can’t find my wallet, my makeup bag, ID, my phone, and my journal at this point. SO WHAT?! “I’ll figure it out. No worries,” I said jokingly to Po and Xavier, who were a lot more worried about my possessions than I was at this point.

I didn’t have my ID so I thought I could finesse my way into the Fader Fort without it. NOPE! Didn’t work, but then I realize that Chrissy had my other ID on her so I asked my friends to go inside and find her. She came out and brought my ID and there I stood trying to convince security it was me for 10 minutes. That should have been a sign of the fuck shit that was soon to occur.

Inside we go straight to the bar to procure our free drinks. I hopped bartenders so that I could get 3 back to back. This was not a game folks! I was on a mission. We painted bottles and enjoyed the show. They said that Migos were about to come and perform so you know that we were excited to turn up and rep Atlanta. Next thing you know, it was Jojo that hit the stage instead. Although she was great and I love her voice, it wasn’t the hype moment I was expecting with the Migos.

Then the real chaos ensued. I went to use the restroom and by the time I came back, found no one. They were all gone. I walked around the Fader Fort for another hour before I gave up and tried looking for them elsewhere. I figured, “I’ll find them soon.”

I didn’t. I was in the middle of downtown Austin with no phone, money, ID, and no clue where my friends were or why they left me. I was irate to say it lightly. Before I knew what to do I started running into whatever bar that wasn’t checking ID’s at the door. Just roaming and talking to strangers. Guys bought me more drinks and against my better judgment, I accepted. Toddling through the streets of Austin alone, seeing all the random bands I could cause I’d be damned if I didn’t experience Austin while I was there! Nothing could stop me.

Eventually I ran into a friend, Tai, from back home. At this point, I was completely wasted and starting to get frustrated all over again. She was working the door at a show (was way too drunk to remember the name of it). She gave me some water and her phone. “Try and get in touch with your people. Relax, It’ll be ok,” she told me. I sat a table next to her and finally got in touch with Po. He told me where to meet him, but I was clueless how to get there. Before I knew it, I passed out. That short nap was very needed to get my mind right before leaving Tai and attempting to find Po’s location. I roamed for almost an hour (I think), while asking strangers for directions that only led me further away. Then more fuck shit occurred as I twisted my ankle off the curb of the sidewalk. I screamed out in pain and a bike taxi saw me and offered to help me find my way.

“I don’t have any money,” I told her, “I wouldn’t be able to pay you for the ride.”

She looked down at my swollen ankle and said, “Don’t worry. It’s on me.”

She, whoever she is, saved me because between the free ride and her phone, I finally found Po. Unfortunately the Ballers Eve show was already done and all the other performances were far and I was exhausted and ready to sit somewhere. Po and I almost fell asleep on a bench in the middle of Austin until we were met by Simone and Xavier. After everything, we were ready to go.

Turns out that my friend (won’t disclose which one) got kicked out of the Fader Fort for throwing up on a staff member. I couldn’t help, but laugh at the story. As far as the other group, never quite figured out why they left me, but I honestly don’t care. It is what it is. I still had fun and once we reached the house I cooked some bomb ass fettuccini alfredo and enjoyed some good conversation and a blunt with Po, Simone and Xavier. No complaints, just lessons learned.