SXSW 2014 (Part 3)

The Misadventures of Yaaaamz: SXSW Edition | Day Three | “Random Moments of Awesome”

We were determined to do better on knowing where we were going on the 14th.  After a grocery and liquor run that morning… breakfast, smoking, showers and all the prerequisites to the turn up… we headed out.  Po and Xavier had a plan of execution, but once we got our Fader bands I ventured off with the other group.  I didn’t even realize I did that until my crappy phone died and it was too late to find Xavier, Simone, and Po.

Side note: Slightly hung over I couldn’t find my wallet or makeup bag at this point.  I knew it had to be somewhere in the house, but I couldn’t find it (blame it on the alcohol).  I only had the cash I kept in my bra the night before and my ID.  I thought, “At LEAST I have my ID and some money.”

We heard about Kelis’ food truck giving out free food, but in all honestly, I was thinking, “FUCK THE FOOD!”  I was stoked about meeting Kelis!  When Lori, Norrie, Isis, Chrissy, and I got to the front of the line, Kelis’ adorable son asked us what we wanted and as I asked for her jerk ribs, there she was in all her awesomeness.  Isis teared up at the site of her and I said, “Just wanted to let you know, you’re fucking awesome!”

“Hey, watch your language,” she replied, “but thank you!”  I immediately felt embarrassed, but hey, Kelis just spoke to me.  FOR THE WIN!  By the way, the ribs were delicious too!


Ran into Jerz, Nique, Far Out Family, and tons of Atlanta people on the Austin streets.  It was pretty amazing how much of Atlanta was represented there.  I loved every single moment.

That night the Spotify house was featuring The Internet.  I love them and they were killing it!  Panama and Lemaitre (who I never heard of before that day) went on after and I enjoyed how The Internet joined the crowd beside us with their drinks like fans.  We tend to forget that they are just as moved by music as we are.

At that point of the night I was very inebriated, just barely holding on to my balance so I thought it seemed a bit unreal when we began conversing with group members of The Internet and got invited to go back to the hotel to smoke.  All of them were very nice and inviting.  Once we rolled up and hit the roof of the Embassy Suites parking lot, we smoked while enjoying the view of the Austin skyline.  A cool breeze, hilarious conversation, and cool company were the best part of the night.  I slightly wanted to take a picture to capture as we sat side by side admiring the view, but I was way too busy living in the moment.


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