SXSW 2014 (Part 1)

The Misadventures of Yaaaamz: SXSW Edition | Day One | “On the Road to Austin”

SXSW was definitely an experience. From the moment we moved back the departure time from 9 pm to 10 pm on March 12th to actually getting on the road around 12:30 am that night, NOTHING went exactly as planned. Along with the other group in the caravan, I was completely unaware who I was going to be traveling with the exception of my friend Simone who coordinated the trip. And honestly, I didn’t care.

Friends warned me that going on a road trip with strangers might not have been a very bright idea, but I was eagerly craving something different. I was bored with looking at the same things and being around the same people in Atlanta. Don’t get me wrong, Forever I Love Atlanta and all of my friends in it, but routines bore me, and boredom isn’t healthy for a person like me.

My expectations were to sleep the majority of the 16 hour ride, but like I mentioned before…  NOTHING WENT EXACTLY AS PLANNED.  Due to the fact that I am nocturnal and require very little sleep, I volunteered to drive the majority of the graveyard shift after noticing how tired everyone else was in the car.  Po, who was also our personal photographer for the trip, stayed awake most of the way with me, documenting the scenic route that we took down I-20 West through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.  The ride was long, but relaxing. I was focused on how excited I was to get there as we passed by beautiful scenery of the country. So day 1 of our adventure was mainly spent on the road enjoying the view of the country.

The ride was long, but relaxing.
The ride was long, but relaxing.

SIDE NOTE: I found it quite hilarious how the exact moment we crossed into Louisiana, LITERALLY SECONDS after seeing the sign welcoming us into the state, Lil Boosie came on the radio.  Po and I laughed so hard, but as much as we wanted to enjoy that moment with everyone else, they were all sleeping.

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