Scratch Academy

So… a few months ago, Scratch DJ Academy opened up a location in Atlanta.  I don’t know if you are as impressed and excited as I am, but you should be. DJ culture is so popular now and Scratch has been a dominate curator and preserver of the culture.  For the past 12 years, they have kept Jam Master Jay’s legacy alive by inspire and teaching DJs all over the world.  So, after successful runs in NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami… Scratch is her in the A.  And we welcome you, Scratch.

So… we just locked in Scratch Atlanta as a client… #WINNING.  We are going to connect dots and develop their initial brand buzz in Atlanta.

I’ve worked with Scratch DJs throughout the years via my consulting work with GTM and truth, so I can co-sign for the talent and quality.  Shout out to DJ Rampage, DJ Esquire, DJ Tim Martell, DJ Trife, DJ Miki War and DJ J Dayz.  And what’s doper is that DJ Martina McFlyy (one of Atlanta’s most popular DJs and a hipster darling) is a product of Scratch Miami.  [Side Note: I designed her original logo.]

So, look out for some dope branding activations… and sign up for some classes.

Check out the highlights from the Scratch Atlanta Open House event in February.

– Ian Ford

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