#Salute to FunkJazz Kafé

funkjazzkafe_072614It’s simple… salute to FunkJazz Kafé.

Because of FunkJazz Kafé, Jason Orr has opened a lot of doors for promoters and event producers in Atlanta… FunkJazz Kafé has inspired innovative events over the past 20 years. And the brand is getting much-deserved recognition and appreciation with the movie (“Diary of a Decade”) and the upcoming festival events.

“Diary of a Decade”: This film is the story of a cultural legend as told by the innovators of an important, and in some cases overlooked, era in Black culture. Spanning the late 1980′s through to the early 2000′s, this story goes deep into the fabric of soul music, it’s definitions, it’s pioneers, it’s offspring, it’s movements, the challenges with the “mainstream” industry and the evolution of the FunkJazz Kafé, a music and arts movement born of Atlanta’s diverse musical heritage. The film covers the decade when Atlanta’s underground music scene became established on the world stage and a new generation of soul singers and musicians emerged.

On July 26, the brand celebrates 20 years of awesomeness… and I just want to salute the brand and the man.


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