… someone had to do it.  This website is dedicated to curating music video content created by artists in the South.

“Yeah, first of all, yo’imsayin… I wanna thank God, juscuzimsayin cuz dead serious cuz if it wasn’t for him, yo’imsayin we wouldn’t be here. But it’s like this tho… I’m tired of folks yo’imsayin… them closed minded folks, yo’imsayin… it’s like, we got a demo tap, but don’t nobody wanna hear it… but it’s like this, the souf got something to say, that’s all I gotta say.” – Andre 3000 “Chonkyfire”

“That’s souf side up in here, I spell “souf” with a F… F stand for fuck y’all if you ain’t fucking with my set…” – 2 Chainz “All Gold Everything (Remix)”