Kanye + Kendrick… we all knew this would be magic. We all knew it!

Kendrick is the rap equivalent of Steph Curry… he’s having fun and playing like it’s a video game, on superstar level… throwing out dope lines and walking out the booth before the sessions is done… putting up 28 hit songs in one session… and still managing to throw 7 dimes a game. And Kanye is the rap equivalent of Dennis Rodman… yes, he has rings… multiple rings… and yes, he says and does what he wants… and yes, he has mastered the art of rebounding… no matter what the situation. Is that too many basketball metaphors? Forgive me.

Chef Curry + Dennis The Menace. What happens when a sharpshooter collabs with a 20 boards a game guy? Apparently, Curry goes in, with punchline after punchline… forcing Rodman to be bored due to inactivity (Steph won’t miss, so there’s really nothing to rebound). But now Rodman has time to relax and write rhymes like it’s 2003, like he just dropped out of college. And these two extraordinary artist go tick for tack over an amazing track. Too many rap metaphors? Fuck it.

Anyway, welcome back ‘Ye… we missed you. I’m glad the writers block is over.

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