Indigo Child Project Release Party @ Arbitrary Living

I’m a big fan of Raury… well, I like Raury’s music, but moreso I’m a fan of his team, Love Renaissance.  The Love Renaissance team is dope for a few reasons… 1. they are smart and organized, which is uncommon for business men their age and 2. I support local.  Just seeing what they have done with Raury’s brand over the past two years is amazing… they understand branding, and quite frankly, they are the culture.

So yesterday, the Love Renaissance team produced a dope release party for Raury’s new project “Indigo Child” at local boutique Arbitrary Living.  Our in-house photog Kellye B. captured some stills at the event, which apparently became the turn-up rather quickly.  Shout out to Quinah Upton, DJ Genesis, Curtis Williams, Light Skinned Mac 11, OG Maco, Trinidad James and Beezy.

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