I Always Liked Earl

When I first heard about Odd Future, I went ahead and did my research on the group… pulling up old Youtube videos, like this and this… and I really fell in love with the energy and direction of the group.  It was creative, entertaining and seemed to be based in innocent youthful fun… I was reminded of my high school and college days, and I could easily relate.  Earl Sweatshirt  immediately stood out as the muse of the group… his background (his mom is a law professor and dad is a notable poet and political activist) along with his offbeat comedic taste,  intricate rhyme skills and awkward perspective, made me pay extra close attention to this kid.  I think Earl is a genius.  (Side Note: I think Tyler is a genius, too.)  And Earl continues to impress me with his moves.

I worry about the youth… not the little kids, because they’re still innocent and impressionable (we can still save them).  I worry about the 16 to 22 year olds.  That sub-generation is lost.  They feel very entitled.  They lack any code of ethics or conduct.  They live in a permanent dream state… and rely heavily on drugs to make sense of the world.  And I blame us… all the previous generations that fucked up.  I look at my niece sometimes (who is 17) and wonder if she is really prepared for this crazy ass world that we created.  And it sucks for her, that this is what we left her with…

However, it’s not all negative… every now and then, one of these kids surprises me and makes me realize that I am old and that I just don’t understand the genius in the rebellious and potentially revolutionary tendencies of the youth.  Which leads me to my point.   Recently, in regards to Taylor Swift’s controversial new video “Shake It Off”, 20 year old Earl Sweatshirt tweeted…

…and I love him for this.  I love the fact that this young brother is not afraid to speak his mind and share his views with his fans. Bravo Earl.

I choose not to post a link to the video, because there is no need for me to increase the popularity of questionable content. Taylor will get her millions of views and be allowed to enjoy the success.  I just hope the world becomes a little more sensitive and respectful with every view.