Hiatus Kaiyote @ The Loft

hiatussoldoutI recently caught Hiatus Kaiyote at their sold out show at The Loft. I was completely surprised that the show sold out; not because I doubted their awesome, but because I didn’t know they were well known Atlanta. It was a pleasant surprise to find so many people united by their unique sound.

I arrived just as they hit the stage. The energy in the room was addictive… with people already singing along and dancing as I walked in. After maneuvering to a good view of lead singer, Nai Palm, I found a space to dance freely.

They performed fan favorites such as Nakamara, Laputa, By Fire and Ocelot. The time flew by as we laughed, danced and sang along. Nai explained the inspiration behind most of the songs they performed. I felt a connection with the band in the unplugged atmosphere.

Never saw a crowd so engulfed. It was as the music put us all into a trance which made us sway and dance in unison to the wavelength of Nai’s euphoric melodies and unique scatting and adlibs rhythm. The fans were as much a part of the experience as the music. “You guys are fun,” Nai yelled out into the crowd as we took the lead vocals at some points and allowed her to freestyle along. Near the end of the show, Nai shouted out the opening act, Gwen Bunn, stating, “I had to because I’m a fan.”