At first, I was like “Whaaaat?” with a lame & condescending tone… and then I was like “Yoooo!” with a dope emphasis on the last “o”.

Fightball… yes, Fightball.  Taking the intensity of street basketball to infinity levels… fuck 0 to 100… fightball is 0 to 1,000,000 real quick.

The official website describes Fightball as “the world’s most intense one-on-one basketball competition.  Fightball provides ‘all highlights, all the time’, taking one-on-one basketball and giving it a makeover – pushing its speed and intensity up to 11.  Held after dark in a club setting, Fightball pits some of the world’s toughest and most athletic ballers against each other in show of skill, endurance, strength and passion.”

Last night in NYC, Mike “Get2It” Tuitt won the first ever Fightball tournament and $10K.  Let’s bring this to Atlanta.

Video coming soon

fightball01 fightball02 fightball03 fightball04

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