Creative Profile: Debbi Snax

debbisnax_collage“I don’t even know if I want to fit in the art scene here,” said Debra Randolph also known as ‘Debbi Snax’, as she peeked around her sketch board.  It was transparent that she honestly intended to not be a part of any “clique” as she found her own voice in the art world.

Little Dragon provided great ambiance for a discussion with this eclectic Atlanta native. After living in Georgia her entire life… 25 years, Debbi is extremely cultured, due to her extensive travels and studies of her craft.  Art has been a life-long commitment for her… it’s her thing.

As an Art major at Georgia State University, her “extremely fun times” were distracting and had her “all over the place”. Debbi  recalls that “No one even knew I was an Art major!”  This eventually led to a “life changing” experience at Full Sail, where she received a full ride for her fist year and learned to “look at the world differently.”

Full Sail surrounding her with others that possessed the same focus and aspirations for artistic expression.  The environment refined her appearance accordingly to fit her inner spirit and created a newer version of her true self. However, the loss of her best friend and scholarship during her second year brought her back to Georgia.  But this new Debbi was stronger, with a new artistic perspective.

She apprenticed at Golden Rose and found her artistic mentor who taught her the art of tattooing. Debbi Snax was born.  Now solely focusing on mastering the basics and refining her craft, she is finding her place in Atlanta’s artistic world without compromising her individuality.

“Everyone is trying to be an artist, it’s the new cool thing to do.”

Frustrated with the last thought… she erased, shook her head and continued sketching.

Debbi’s artistic introversion makes her different from other artists on the scene. She is not “out there”… but her work is.  The only thing she cares to share is her work… and her work speaks for her.

“Not big on people knowing what I’m doing or who I am – You just need to know my work.”

And the people are paying attention… to the snippets she posts on social media.

What’s next? Debbi will be releasing a series of prints and shirts featuring “her girls”… her signature ladies who represent the beauty and strength in all women.

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