Center for Civil and Human Rights “This is OUR Atlanta”

072913Atlanta, a City that rose from the ashes of the Civil War to become a major organizing center for the Civil Rights Movement and a City “too busy to hate,” is now the home of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

The Center will serve as a cultural institution that will commemorate the historic struggle for African-American freedom and equality for all humanity in a way that inspires vigilance and leadership among future generations. This Center embodies our history and our future.
The facility will house exhibitions, programs, and the Morehouse College Martin Luther King Jr. Collection. It is in the fundraising and planning phase now, with plans to break ground soon and open Memorial Day weekend 2014.

On July 29, 2013, from 5:00 – 7:00 pm, Deborah Richardson, Executive Vice President of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights will share the history, mission and vision of the Center.

The Tomorrows were asked to get the “right” people in the room… decision-makers, taste-makers, socialites, entrepreneurs, celebrities… and overall people who had influence and power within Atlanta.

Our creative team designed artwork that acted as a call-to-action for our target audience, and our influencer team reached out to every sub-culture and niche within urban and metropolitan Atlanta to stimulate buzz. The event was a great success with over 150 people in attendance (meeting the client’s goal), featuring influencers and early-adopters from various Atlanta niches.

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