Bridging the gap of connectivity is a major key to creative success. As a social entrepreneur and cultural curator, Bem knows this better than anyone. With Atlanta as his breeding ground – the same city with the largest economic gap in the country – Bem’s perspective of bridging the gap is more than just figurative, but rather a literal representation of a divide that keeps us from progressing.

“There’s no connection to the youth that creates the culture to the brands and the people that utilize the culture,” says Bem as he spoke to AT&T for their #KnowThis campaign.

That’s the problem us creatives face in today’s changing world. That gap that keeps many as struggling artists that eventually become “use-to-be” creatives. The gap that dilutes our voices into the background as the major companies gain from the fruits of the trends we create. How can we creatives gain from this changing world where brands are finally starting to recognize our worth and our voice?

Bem simply answers with, “own it.” He explains, “if you own your space – say hey this is what I want to be, this is who I feel I am,” we can set a standard of where to start. As creative beings in a time of so much progressive, yet chaotic change, we must first know who we are and what we offer. With that ownership of our identities, we can work the “system” in our favor. Through that, “doors will open and barriers will be removed.”