Film Review: DOPE

Last night, I had the opportunity to catch DOPE before its release in theaters later this summer (June 19th). My expectations were high because the film was written and directed by Rick Famuyiwa (writer/director of Our Family Wedding and The Wood)… and I was impressed. DOPE is an eccentric, potential cult classic film for the modern day outcast. The outlining concept may seem played, but the new age influences (like social media) accompanied by the 90’s Hip Hop culture obsession of the film’s protagonists, made for a refreshing take on an old favorite.

The film seemed like a spin-off of Famuyiwa’s teenage years. Those awkward exchanges that Famuyiwa spoke of in his interview were a regular staple of the movie.

Pharell released 4 new songs that were amazing throughout the film… so there is absolutely NO way that the soundtrack will disappoint.

DOPE remained relatable without becoming too cliche. The quick pace and random flashes between reality and dream sequences made for some confusion at times, but it all tied in perfectly at the end. The film utilized modern day influences with classic cinematography concepts, and was heavily relatable for a weirdo, such as myself. I would recommend this film to anyone.

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